19 Industries The Blockchain Will Disrupt

Part 1 - Warm Up

How many different sectors or industries do you think blockchain tech will disrupt?

What are barriers to entry for blockchain tech?

Do you think that the general public realizes just how disruptive blockchain is?


Part 2

Let’s discuss the meaning of some vocabulary before watching the video

If the technology is considered promising, what can we expect?

One of the advantages is “resistant to outages“, what are they?

If I am prone to illness, what is happening?

What do middlemen do?

What is an example of waste emission

How many different forecasts can you name?

IOT = ……………………?

What ride-sharing companies are available in your area?

What does a peer-to-peer network allow you to do?

A toll is a fee or a person on the internet posting negative comments?

Name 2 things that we can top up?

If your security is robust, is that positive?

If I can rig a system, what can I do?

Does immutable mean unable to be changed or someone who can’t be quiet?

Name something that is opaque?

If we streamline a system what are we doing?

What are legacy systems?

What are reputation management systems?

Part 3

Watch the video paying attention to how the vocabulary is used. 

Part 4

Comprehension Questions:

Do you agree that blockchain will do to banking what the internet did to media?

How can the blockchain be used with fair trade?

What will happen to forecasting using blockchain tech?

What does Adept tech do?

Did it surprise you that the charity industry was included?

What is the significance of blockchain and voting?

Part 5


What other industries could be disrupted by blockchain tech?

What were you most surprised by?

In which industry do you see the most potential?


1. Banking & Payments

2. Cyber Security

3. Supply Chain Management

4. Forecasting

5. Networking And IOT (Internet of Things)

6. Insurance

7. Private Transport & Ride Sharing

8. Online Data Storage

9. Charity

10. Voting

11. Government

12. Public Benefits

13. Healthcare

14. Energy Management

15. Online Music

16. Retail

 17. Real Estate

18. Crowdfunding

19. Your Industry 

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