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Rosell Says Rajoy Can Manage Spanish Economic Overhaul

from Bloomberg TV

What is an overhaul?


Dec. 2, 2011 (Bloomberg) — Juan Rosell, chairman of Confederacion Espanola de Organizaciones Empresariales, Spain’s main business group, talks about Prime Minister-elect Mariano Rajoy’s plans to overhaul the Spanish economy. He speaks from Madrid with Owen Thomas on Bloomberg Television’s “On the Move.”

Link:  http://mobile.bloomberg.com/share/video/FmcHU1MzoKO0egTpyZgErlH7Dt9z5zz2


Vocab and Phrases:

to overhaul

the labour market

trade unions


main priority





to “go along” with

to “push through” reforms


Task No. 1: Listening Comprehension

Please try to write down the full questions ONLY asked by the TV program presenter. 



1. What is the _________________ as far as the labour market is concerned, for Mr Rajoy?

2. How can you __________________________________________

What practical steps need to be taken?, and how quickly must it happen?

3. How are ___________________________________________________

4. Mr. Rosell, are you _____________________________________________, is courteous enough to actually push through the reforms that are indeed needed in his in Spain? Is he ____________________?


Task No.2: “Cherry Picking” the important words.

Please try to write down the main words used in the answers by Juan Rosell. 3 or 4 words per answer.







Task No.3: 

Using the vocab and the information obtained from Rosell’s answers, construct your own answers answers to the questions asked in Task. 1. First tell them to your teacher


then Rephrase and write out Rosell’s answers in your own words.







Did you notice any mistakes in Mt Rosell’s English?

Do you agree with opinion about Mr. Rajoy?

What is personal opinion about the economy in Spain for 2012?



Using the new vocab: Exercise

Please use the words below in the gap fill exercise.


to overhaul, the labour market, trade unions, flexible, main priority, stability, reforms, competitive,

resisting, to “go along” with, to “push through”


1. I think we have an exact strategy for this new market but this proposal is also ___________ .

2. There are rumours that at RIM / Blackberry there will be a complete _____________ of management.

3. In a recent press statement Mr. Rajoy said “what the economy needs now is _____________”.

4. Mr. Rajoy also said that his first act as prime minister would be to ________________ reforms that will make the economy ___________ again. That was going to be his _______________ .

5. At the beginning of 2012 there are a lot of meetings between management and _____________ to discuss the new reforms set out by the government in regards to the _______________ .

6. It is a Unions principle objective not to ___________ with any new restrictions in the labour market.



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