Category: Task Based Learning

A series of tasks are scheduled and performed in the real world, outside the class. Students are graded on how well they perform the tasks using pre-taught practical English.

A Day Made of Glass – Part 1 – Using technology words

A Day made of Glass A class designed to help you use all the modern technology words, using video.    Language level: Intermediate – advanced (B1 – C1) Learned type   : All ages Time : 60 mins Activity : Descriptive everyday English with technology. Topic   : Future technology with glass. Language : Phrasal verbs, technology […]

Task Based English – Using English in real situations

Task Based Learning is great fun…  AND  extremely useful for your English skills.   This is just an example: tasks change week to week.  30 minute conversation with coffee:  This is an opportunity for English learners to practice their English in a REAL situation using practical English. You can speak English in the classroom, but […]

Using chess vocabulary in everyday English

Odysseus’ Gambit on Vimeo – Using chess terms in everyday English Intro Questions:Do you play chess?Do you know the rules? The names of the chess pieces?What is a gambit? In this video the character tells us about his life. A large part of his life is spent playing chess. He uses a lot of chess terms […]

TBL: Telephone Conversation

In this exercise the English learner must their English autonomously to practise their English and complete the task. Results can be discussed and corrected in class. Contact Name : Profession: Teacher Number : Call window (time) : Between 17 & 18 hr on Mondays. Theme 1: Registration Form Hello ___________, my name is ________________, a […]


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