Cinema – Man On A Ledge (Trailer)

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Upper Intermediate Class.

American pronunciation, Vocab building, contractions,


Man On A Ledge (Trailer)


What are trailers for?
What is in a typical trailer?
Tell me about the music, the edits, the story, the action etc in trailers?
This is a Hollywood trailer, what typical things could you expect?

1. Here are some typical phrases/ sentences from the trailer for Man on a Ledge, do you understand?

Read the 3 parts – the intro, the twist in the story, the action.
1. try and guess the storyline
2. try and guess the missing words. In the 3rd paragraph

Today is the day that everything changes, one way or another
Breaking News – the eyes of the city are riveted, 20 floors up on the man on the ledge.
Nick Cassidy – escaped convict
Is that the guy who stole the diamond off David Englander?
A 40 Million dollar diamond
The whole world knows who you are now Nick
David Englander set me up
You need to come in
Im ready to die, its important that you understand that.

Hey Nick – can you see me?
Its your show bro –
Ok, Joe, you know what to do
Don’t worry, everyone´s looking at me
Nick, we-re in
Help me understand whats going on?
How far would you go to take down a man that stole everything from you?
The plan is to prove that I am innocent
The diamond never left his hands
Nick – we´ve got a problem here

Find _________
This – this is my retrial
Time is ___________________
I need _________________
Gentlemen – you are go for takedown
What if _______________?, what if ___________________?
He´s playing you !
This is __________________
Nick, I need you to get me more time !
Don’t move, stay away
Tell me its done
I am ____________________


2. Watch the trailer, fill in the blanks.

<iframe width=”560″ height=”315″ src=”http://www.youtube.com/embed/sBJSfqdhyTg” frameborder=”0″ allowfullscreen></iframe>


3.Questions about the film.

What´s the general storyline in the film?
Is it something that you would like to watch?
Did you recognise any of the actors?
What´s typical about this movie?

4. Try to create alternative contexts for the following quotes from the film.

a). The whole world knows who you are now
b). You need to come in
c). Today is the day that everything changes, one way or another
d). The plan is to prove that I am innocent
e). we´ve got a problem here !

5. Discussion

Do you think you could write a story like this?
For what type of audience has this been written?
Will this be a successful film financially?
Would you recommend it to your friends?

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