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Class Time Structure: Effective / Productive use of your Time & Money

Class time : 2 hours.

1. We review the grammar and vocab that we did the previous day, and previous week for 15 -25 mins.

2. We work on weak points in the students languages (prepositions for example). 15 – 25 mins.

3. We complete 2 pages from “Market Leader” Intermediate which includes new vocab, definitions, listening and reading comprehension and a lot of talking. Themes are all business orientated and include Brands, Travel, Change, Organisation, Advertising, Money etc…
This concentrates on use of English, comprehension and a lot of speaking practice.

4. I make written corrections and repeat them after each question/ section. This is mostly correcting the language the student already has and the new vocab from the book.

5. In the final hour we choose an extra topic / theme (Ted.com, video, multimedia etc)


complete a preset exercise.

6. Revision on vocab and grammatical points. (10 Mins)


Course Programs are designed specifically for each student but based on the following materials.

1. Course Books:
Intermediate English File & Upper Intermediate English File Books (grammar & vocab)
Market leader ( business vocab & conversation)

2. English Grammar Map
A grammar map is build and practised on a day to day basis. The map includes use of modal verbs and irregular verbs and the pronunciation of each. This is a clear, logical presentation and concentrates on when we use grammatical tenses and on context.

3.The Multi Media Materials

Newspapers & Magazines (NY Times, The Guardian, BBC etc)
YouTube material
Hot for Words Videos
Podcasts – Business English
Videocasts – Business English
Songs / Songs and Texts
Email exercises
iBooks / Gutenberg
Trailers from movies
MovieSegments.com (for grammar)
BBC Learning English
List of English books for English learners
Social Medias – Learn English every day with Facebook & Twitter, LinkedIn & Google+

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