Consensus algorithms and blockchain security

blockchain security

Part 1


What is an algorithm? 

Can you explain why the blockchain is considered safe and secure?

Part 2

Let’s discuss the meaning of some vocabulary before watching the video. 

Starting from minute 1:38 

What is a consensus

What did you do the last time you hung out with your friends?

If a movie sucks, would you recommend it?

We often use the verb cast with voting, to cast a vote, but what else can you cast?

Give me an example of a puzzle?

If I put down money on a poker table, what did I do?

Where do you lock up your valuables?

What are the stakes in a poker game?

If I am speaking broadly, what am I doing?

If algorithms fall into 4 categories, what is happening?

If I give you a very long-winded answer, what did I do?

What do perks give you?

Do you have an auxiliary in your team?

What is an internet hotspot?

What is an example of a common misconception?

Part 3

Watch the video paying attention to how the vocabulary is used. 

Part 4

Comprehension Questions:

What analogy did he use for proof of work?

How did he describe proof of stake?

What are the 4 categories for consensus algorithms?

Do you agree that proof of work is insanely secure and not perfect?

What’s the primary problem with proof of work?

What is auxiliary proof of work?

What is proof of transfer?

How does the Stacks blockchain work?

What is proof of coverage?

How is Helium trying to decentralize the infrastructure of the internet?

What is slashing?

What consensus algorithm does Solana use?

Part 5


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