El verbo “FEEL” = sentir / encontrar / tocar: se puede usar de varias maneras en español


1. How do you feel? = Como te encuentras?

2. I feel good this morning  = Me siento bien esta mañana

3. Feel how soft my hair is = Toca que suave está mi pelo

4. How are you feeling? I feel fine =

5. I´m feeling hungry =

6. I have this gut feeling that I´m going to be lucky today  =

7. I feel sorry for him that he was fired  =

8. What a wonderful feeling to be alive and kicking! =

9. How do feel about going away for the weekend?  =

10. We feel that it isn´t fair not to invite him to the party =

11. What´s your feeling about this project? =

12. Feel free to call me anytime  =

13. I don´t feel at all right about this =

14. It feels as if it´s going to pour at any moment  =

15. I feel sick after eating so much  =

El otro uso importante es usar “FEEL + LIKE + gerundio”  =  Apetecer / parecer


What do you feel like doing today?  =

I feel like going out for dinner tonight  =

We all feel like eating Indian food  =

What does it feel like when you´re flying off the Grand Canyon=

It feels like wool =

I feel like a drink  =

Algunas expresiones con "FEEL"

You´ll feel as good as new in  a few days  =

I really feel shity =

I feel like throwing up  =

I feel down all day today  =

She feels out of place at the office  =

I feel like a fish out of water  =

We´re feeling the pinch of the crisis  =

I feel like a million bucks  =

Translation exercise


1. No me apetece salir esta noche porque me duele la cabeza

2. Que bien me siento esta mañana porque he dormido muy bien

3. Siempre me entra sueño cuando veo la tele

4. No dudes en llamarme cuando quieras

5. Me parece que no es justo que el jefe me da todo el trabajo

6. Que día mas bueno! Que os apetece hacer?

7. Tengo ganas de pasear con la bici por la playa

8. No nos apetece comer comida china

9. Que se siente cuando estás buceando y ves un tiburón nadando hacia ti?

10. Pues, solo siento quedarme muy quieto y rezar

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