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Do you need to speak English for your business, or for travel? 

Or are you doing an English qualification exam like the Cambridge First Certificate or the TOEIC?

Do you want to speak English like native speakers?

This Essential English course is the perfect reactivation course to help you prepare quickly. 

It explains in a simple way the most important topics you need to practice.

Gain the confidence and motivation you need to speak at an international level! 

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Do you need a review of the names and context for Past Simple, Present Perfect, Past Continuous, etc?

Specifically, the context for each tense: which is: when to use each tense. 

For this, I use a visual Grammar Map to logically explain the 6 main tenses. 

Because you really only need 6 tenses for a solid base in English. 

The Grammar Map is easy to follow and easy to practice speaking with. 

So we review all 6 tenses and we practice questions and answers in the 6 tenses. 

And it comes with a step-by-step worksheet so as you watch the video you create your sentences and exercises. 

7 Videos

Total 48 Min  + 40 Min student worksheet time to complete

When speaking Modern English as much as 80% of the verbs we use are used as phrasal verbs, for example: get up, try on, look up. Usually, everyone avoids learning them. But you can’t. 

But instead of giving you a list of “the top 25 phrasal verbs” and then their definitions,  I attack this topic with “the 3 step strategy to learning phrasal verbs”. This gives you a global understanding of all phrasal verbs  

The 3 step strategy explains

– How they are used

– How to develop a logic for them 

– And most importantly how to remember them. 

Here we talk about “organic learning” as an excellent guide to organise phrasal verbs.

And I demonstrate 5 different ideas for memorising phrasal verbs. 

Because everyone learns in different ways. 

5 Videos

Total 50 Min  + 40 Min student worksheet time to complete

This verb is HUGE! And really essential. 

Essential for understanding and speaking modern English. This video has 2 parts and is 1 hour and shows you all the different ways we can use the verb Get. The feedback that I get about this class is that it changes your ability with listening comprehension. 

Understanding and using the verb Get is the key to speaking English like a native speaker 

2 Videos

Total 52 Min  + 40 Min student worksheet time to complete

These are really useful words such as: must, should, can, have to. We use modal verbs a lot. 

This video shows you how to use them, with simple rules and exercises. After you complete the worksheet, you will only need speaking practice to help you make them automatic or fluid. 

3 Videos

Total 25 Min  + 40 Min student worksheet time to complete

I’m sure you know expressions like “If I had a lot of money, I would buy a nice car”? That’s the 2nd conditional. 

I explain how to make these sentences and the context for when to use them. In the worksheet, you will see some typical examples to help you practice and remember them. 

For example 

The 1st Conditional: We use the 1st conditional for realistic situations. 

If you complete this course you will reactivate all your English!

3 Videos

Total 24 Min  + 40 Min student worksheet time to complete

Another HUGE theme: obviously this is really essential vocabulary for modern English.  

Part 1 is numbers, percentages, decimals, symbols, currencies 

Part 2 is the Money vocabulary. So money verbs, money prepositions, money nouns, money adjectives, and a few money idioms. 

Note: You might need to watch both videos multiple times to learn and practice the pronunciation for all the essential vocabulary. 

2 Videos

Total 53 Min  + 40 Min student worksheet time to complete

proven method

Note: Some learners don’t need to work with a teacher. For many learners, the Essential English course is used to reinforce their knowledge and confidence. 

8 great things about the method:

Who is the course for?

– International Business 

– Exam preparation

– Anyone who has learned English before at different levels (perhaps you have stopped and started a few times)

– Anyone around the Intermediate level. That is pre-intermediate, intermediate, upper-intermediate, or A2, B1, B2, C1 

– Anyone who likes teaching themselves different skills

– Anyone who needs flexibility and who does not have a lot of time. This course adapts to your schedule. 

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