How honest are you?

How honest are you?

$13, 238.86 left in an NYC Taxi. by Casey Neistat


Intro Questions:

Have you ever lost anything in a taxi?

Did you every lost something and got it back?

What do you do if you find something in a taxi?

Can you trust taxi drivers?

What would you do if you found €5000 in an envelope in a taxi?

What would you do if you found €5000 in an envelope on the street?

Comprehension Questions:

What’s the first line on the web page that really matters?

What happened to Casey?

How long had it been before he realised he had forgotten his bags?

What was the first thing he did?

What happened the next day?

Why was it a big deal to lose his bags?

What was the first time he could see the taxi driver’s face?

How much did he reward the taxi driver?

Complete the sentence “It was a lot more than I could afford but a lot less than  he …………….”


Have you every found something and given it back?

Did it make you feel good?

Have you every found something that was impossible to return?

Do you agree with Casey in the end when he says “it’s people like him that makes this city honest?”

Do you think some nationalities are more honest than others? Which?

QUIZ: Honestly? How honest are you?

1. A cashier mistakes your €5 for a €10 and gives you an extra €5 back. Do you speak up?

– Nope, it’s not your mistake!
– Yes, you give her the $5 back

2. Your sister /friend asks you if she looks fat in that outfit. Yup, she does. Do you fess up?
– No, you tell her that she looks fine. You don’t want to upset her.
– You tell her straight up that it’s not very flattering.

3. You dent a car in a parking lot in the middle of the night. What do you do?
– You take off quickly.
– You leave a note with all your info.

4. Your friend is cheating on his girlfriend, who also happens to be a friend of yours. When she mentions that your best friend’s been acting strange lately, you:
– Tell her about the cheating
– Keep out of it

5. You’re late to a job interview for a position you’re really hoping to get. You:
– Claim that you got caught behind a horrible accident
– Apologise for being late, but give no excuses

6. Downloading movies and music illegally is:
– Something you’d never do
– A great way to get free stuff

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