How to hull a strawberry


This is a quick 30 minute light class using vocab from the kitchen and multi media materials.


How to hull a strawberry



Hull is used here as a verb – what do you think it means?

Hull is also a city in the UK

Do you like strawberries?

How often do you eat them?

How do you prepare them?

Do you think you can hull other fruits or vegetables?


1. Vocab

To hull, a pairing knife, thumb, half an inch, pierce at a 45 degree angle, flesh, core, in one swift motion, twist, sliced, filled.

2. Practice saying the words and phrases out loud.

 3. Now please watch the video from saveur.com.

SAVEUR magazine’s Associate Food Editor, Ben Mims, demonstrates a cool trick for coring a strawberry without wasting fruit. Also works well for tomatoes!


How to Hull a Strawberry from SAVEUR.com on Vimeo.


4. Can you answer the following questions?

a). Have you ever seen this before?

b). Will you try this the next time you have strawberries?

c). Do you have a useful / sharp / favourite knife for cutting and slicing in the kitchen?

d). Would you trust this guy in your kitchen?


5. Please us the words from section 1 in following sentences.

a). My sister likes to eat the ________ of the apple, she´s weird.

b). The Beatles had a very famous song called “_________ & Shout”.

c). To heal a blister on your foot, you need to _________ it with a needle.

d). I use a sharp _____________ to ___________ tomatoes before ___________ meat, green peppers and cheese on top.

e). Wow ! There is a lot of ____________ on this chicken breast.

f). I hit my __________ thumb with a hammer and now it is swollen.


6. Discussion:

If you can hull a strawberry or a tomato, what else could you hull?

What would you fill your tomatoes with?

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