How to study and improve you English using technology and the internet

How to study and improve you English using technology and the internet”

In this course we use modern techniques and technologies to enable you to self study and self learn English from your computer or mobile devise as often as you like. The course is designed to inspire you to “immerse” yourself in the English speaking world and lose the intimidation and frustration with learning to speak a foreign language.

1. How to Ted.com to improve listening comprehension and vocabulary building

In this session we will demonstrate how to use the speaker platform TED.com

This website include interactive scripts, subtitles in many languages and the lesson plans include a vocabulary focus, exercises and discussion about the theme. Students therefore practise listening comprehension, vocabulary building and speaking.


2. Try something new for 30 days

This session is based on the TED talk by Google’s Matt Cutts who challenge’s the audience to try something new for 30 days and thereby create a new positive habit in their lives. The class is asked to participate in a “Social media challenge” which requires them to watch a 3 minutes video everyday for 30 days and respond to one comprehension question.


3. A look at modern Technology using YouTube

In this session we look at the futuristic short film “Sight” (7 mins) on YouTube and discuss the advantages and disadvantages of technology. The vocabulary focus is on words used in technology and the fast changing world we live in.


4. Learning English using Social Medias.

This session looks at “texting” as a great way to learn new English words every day. We also look at how bizarre some social media actives are when we take them into the real world.

can I be?

5. A Day made of Glass (using Phrasal Verbs)

In this session we use a promotional video to demonstrate all the essential “phrasal verbs” typically used in a single day and the logic behind them. This class focuses on the importance of key expressions and vocabulary to survive in the modern world.

day made of glass

6. BBC Learning English

In this session we use the BBC website to listen to “6 minute English” designed on vocabulary building using a topical conversation.

6 minute english

What´s the best way to learn a foreign language?

Most experts in language teaching will tell you “immersion”.

That is to “immerse” yourself in an English speaking place for a long time and you will learn, you will have to learn ! Just imagine yourself in London for 6 months!.

So what if you cannot immerse yourself in English for a long time?

Multi Media English is designed to help you learn English everyday, from 10 minutes lessons to 3 hours intensive training. Multi Media English is designed to your timetable.  It´s consistent, fun and improves your English quickly.

Course Programs are designed specifically for each student or class.
Courses are based upon the amount of class hours & study hours made available by students.

The Piano Lesson Principle:
For every 1 hour of class time 1 additional hour of material is given to students.

This is the essential commitment by the student.

English needs lots of practise, just like learning the piano. We provide the materials to help you improve. The answers and results of the additional materials are corrected in class. This maximises productivity for students and adds value for money. It reinforces learning.

Using multi media technologies allows students to learn English anytime, anywhere.

Having exercises and guidance for the student is essential.


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