Meta Data – How much do you know?

Meta Data


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Information technology has become a ubiquitous presence. By visualizing the processes behind our interactions with this technology we can trace what happens to the information we send into the network.


How do you pronounce meta?

How do you pronounce data?

Please discuss the following words from the video:


Can you show me how to trace an outline on a piece of paper?

What do you need to decipher a code?

If I say “more will be revealed in part 2″, what do I mean?

How much time is “over time“?

How long is the retention period for information in Google searches?

In a contract or agreement who is a third party?

In which country do they say “cell phones“?

Guilty or innocent? The unknowing participants in the accident.

Approximately how many online interactions do you have each day?

I think that Google ads are intrusive, do you agree?

The English course has a limited scope, what can I do about it?


This is an exercise in cherry-picking numbers and words.


Comprehension Questions:

1. What does MMS mean?

2. What other 4 types of communications are mentioned?

3. What 7 things make up Meta Data?

4. How many pieces of information is collected every day for an average user?

5. What is your digital identity?

6. How long does AT&T hold information about digital identity?

7. How many pieces of information do providers have about YOU over 45 months?

8. How many dollars $$ does the information sector collect per second?

9. What do Ad servers do?

10. Finish the sentence: The Global internet becomes the _____________________ and information ceases _______________________ .




Do you think most people know what happens top their information?

Do you think that most people care?

Do you care?

Which type of companies are selling your information?

What’s your demographic?

What type of products are advertised at you?



trace, decipher, reveal, over time, retention period, a third party, cell phones, unknowing participants, interactions, intrusive, a limited scope

1. I think that Obama’s opinion on Iran has _________________, he needs to actually speak with some professors who have been there.

2. Sometimes banks have a _________ _________ of 7 days to recuperate money for debt.

3. The _________ ___________ market is the fastest growing market in the world.

4. Some very famous actors were ______________ _____________ in the phone hacking scandal in the UK recently.

5. I think that the auditor will be able to ________ all the expenses that we spend last month.

6. An escrow account acts like a _________ _________ in the trade. They are an intermediary, a little like PayPal.

7. Some activists claim that new laws are very ____________ upon personal privacy.

8. Ferrari are set to ________ their new F1 car next week.

9. Time heals all wounds, I’m sure that __________ _________ she will recuperate.

10. The Enigma machine was a good example of code ________________ .



Post Class Revision for the week after:


A verb used to follow, track or copy something/ someone.

a verb used to decode

a verb that means to unveil or show publicly.

a term used to express the passing of time.

A term used to describe the holding of something for a time.

The 3rd entity in a contract or agreement is ………………..

What the Americans call mobiles

People who have been involved in something without their knowledge.

a word used to describe the exchange of information between entities.

an adverb that means infringing on someone’s privacy or personal space.

A term used for a restricted view on a topic or theme.

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