Mobile World Congress 2012 – Modern Tech Language

Mobile World Congress: Will this be the year for NFC?


Mobile World Congress in Barcelona has been host to over 1,500 companies hoping to have the idea that will take the mobile industry by storm.

Spencer Kelly takes a tour round the conference floor and reveals the show’s big themes.


1. NFC: Near Field Communication


2. 4G


3. New Intel Chips



1. NFC

The First 2 minutes:


What is the next tech trend to catch on?

Can you name one thing that you can swipe?

Would you like to own a digital reader to practise reading in English?

What type of expenses can you deduct from your taxes?

Does your smartphone have in-built bluetooth?

What’s the best way to manage payments effectively each month?

Do demos are trade shows represent the real product?

If you have plenty of money, how much do you have?

Why can you buy with loyalty points from the bank?

What is a digital wallet?

Can you name a young footballer that has a little way to go before he plays in the first team?

How long does it take a virus to work it’s way into your system?

How many handsets do you own?

How many years has Puyol been knocking around ?



Comprehension Questions:


What can you get for your loyalty points?

What’s the idea for the NFC tags for your office and car?

How long does it take to switch contacts?




Interview with Dave Birth (Digital Money Forum)

From 2 mins to 2.45


According to Dave Birth how does NFC help with identification?

How does he imagine it being used?


2. 4G 

From 3 mins to 4.40


The Mobile Congress is on the move next year but do you know where?

In what way is Greece struggling?

What’s the difference between a pop up book and a pop up on the internet?

What types of information can be transferred through the radio spectrum?

Have you seen a speed test app and what does it do?

Name a hotel at the top end of the market?

What animal is blisteringly fast?

Can you name one video on demand provider?


Comprehension Questions:

What does LTE stand for?

The presenter says that 4G could be faster than our  ________________ ?



3. Intel Chips

from 4.40 onwards…  Discuss the follow words.


false starts

failed announcements

getting into

it boasts


Comprehension Questions:


How long does the battery last?

Which operating system does it use?

In which countries do they do on sale first?

And when do they do on sale?





to catch on, to swipe, a reader, deduct, in-built, manage payments effectively,  a demo, plenty, loyalty points, digital wallet


1. We have __________ of time to get there, slow down !

2. With 5000 ________ _________ we can get a new DVD.

3. No more PIN numbers, just ________ your card and you’re done !

4. Have you seen the latest ________ for the 4G network?

5. I really don’t think it’ll _______ ____, it’s just a passing trend.

6. The Amazon Kindle is the popular _________ in the market today.

7. This year your smartphone will become your _________ __________.

8. Could you __________ the 3rd salad from the bill please, we only had two.



Exercise 2

it has a little way to go, to work it’s way into, handsets, knocking around, on the move, struggling, a pop up, radio spectrum, a speed test, at the top end, blisteringly fast, video on demand


1. Just around the corner there is a police office doing a  ________ ________ on all vehicles.

2. I’m thinking about subscribing to a ____________________ service, what do you recommend?

3. All the major construction companies are _____ ______ ________ to lesser developed countries.

4. What’s the most popular ________ in the market today?

5. I hate _______ ______ online, I’m happy we installed a blocker.

6. In my opinion the network has ____________________ before it is ready for public use.

7. _________________ for have wonderful champagne like Mumm or Bollinger.

8. The Scottish MP Salmond has been ___________ __________ for many years, he has a lot of experience.

9. The euro has been ____________ for 3 years now, I don’t know if it will survive.

10. The service at the restaurant was _______________ ________ but the food was terrible.








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