Skype Class – Cyber Attacks


Skype classes are designed to help with listening comprehension and conversation skills. They will include different and diverse subjects for expansion of vocabulary.


Today’s subject is cyber attacks.



Please prepare the vocabulary and listen to the news report…

Some words need to be changed into the correct tense.




cyber attack

cyber war/ cyber warfare



did not specify

originated from

in response to


Please use the words above in the sentences below….


1. The source of the attack was scrambled and we could not tell where it _______________ _________ .

2. Iran released a statement ____________________ to the recent sanctions on them by stopping selling oil to France and Britain.

3. Anonymous are a group of __________ who organize ___________ _____________ on organisations who oppose internet freedom.

4. Do you know of a ____________ near here? I need to print something.

5. It has been reported that there was a secret ________ ______ between Israel and Iran with a mysterious virus that shut down nuclear reactors.

6. It ______ ________ ___________ which type of payment is accepted in the online form.



Questions from the program:

1. How many words using “cyber” can you identify?

2. Where did Bangladeshi authorities say that the attacks came from?

3. Which types of websites were they targeting?

4. What reason was given for cyber attacks by Bangladeshis against Indians?

5. What is a frontier?



Questions from your experience:

1. Has your email ever been hacked? Or a friend’s email?

2. Do you understand the Indian accent?

3. Do you feel that your information online is safe?

4. Some people say the best way to deal with hackers is to employ them, do you agree?

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