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Skype classes are designed to help with listening comprehension and conversation skills. They will include different and diverse subjects for expansion of vocabulary.

Today’s subject is US National Film





Please prepare the vocabulary and listen to the news report…

Some words need to be changed into the correct tense.




a film buff






for posterity


Please use the words above in the sentences below….


1. I much prefer to go to an _____ ________ screen like Verdi than the predictable Hollywood stuff in Icaria.


2. One _______________ I thoroughly enjoyed was Avatar. I thought it was original.


3. Oliver Twist was ______________ at a very young age.


4. When choosing to buy a painting for your house you have to think about the _____________ .


5. I like to keep old photos of family and friends ___________________ .


6. I’ve always been a _______ __________, ever since I saw Star Wars on the big screen when I was 8.


7. Sooner or later, at some time on our lives, we all have to deal with _________ .



Questions from the program:

  1. How many films are added to the US Film Registry each      year.
  2. Which 2 words are used in reference to “aesthetic”?
  3. When did the list start?
  4. How old is the film Bambi? Which category does it belong to?
  5. Why does Jennifer like E.T? (She used an adjective about the heart.)



Questions from your experience:

  1. In which subject are you a buff?
  2. Do you have a favourite film and why?
  3. What was the last blockbuster you saw?
  4. What types of things to you keep for posterity?
  5. Why is film considered important in modern culture?

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