Skype / Telephone Classes – Using practical English

Skype / Telephone Classes – Using practical English

The student is required to prepare the  class before the start to maximise learning potential.

This is usually done by listening to a BBC broadcast or reading an article using everyday useful English.

1. The listening

2. Using new vocabulary in an exercise

3. Discussing the new vocab with the Teacher / Coach.

4. Teacher / Coach makes notes on mistakes and sends corrections.


In this example the topic is stress. 



Skype classes are designed to help with listening comprehension and conversation skills. They will include different and diverse subjects for expansion of vocabulary. 


Please prepare the vocabulary and listen to the news report…

Today’s subject is Stress in the workplace.




Stress, absence, tough, employees, taking its toll, public sector, organisational change,

job security, redundancies, a strategy, counseling


Place the words above in the following  sentences:


1. When 2 large media companies merge there will be a lot of _________________ afterwards.

2. ____________  new tax laws were introduced on the rich in the USA.

3. Every January we sit down with the bosses and discuss ______________ for the year ahead.

4. Economists warn of many more _________________ in 2012.

5. In order to deal with _________ a lot of people do sport or meditation.

6. After a long time working in the fields the years are beginning to ____________ on my body.

7. There is a distinct ____________ of discipline in this company! That’s about to change!

8. People who work in the __________ often have a good level of _________________



Discussion – Questions from the program :

Are economic problems creating more stress?

What is a downturn?

What do they mean by “the picture isn’t good”?

Do public sector employees have jobs for life?

What’s the main problem in the workplace in Britain.?

What are some of the recommendations for managers?



Questions from your experience :


How often do you feel stressed at work?

Are people more stressed now then in previous years?

Do you feel stress in other parts of your life?

What’s your favourite way to de-stress?

Can learning  English be stressful?





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