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A Day Made of Glass – Part 1 – Using technology words

A Day made of Glass A class designed to help you use all the modern technology words, using video.    Language level: Intermediate – advanced (B1 – C1) Learned type   : All ages Time : 60 mins Activity : Descriptive everyday English with technology. Topic   : Future technology with glass. Language : Phrasal verbs, technology […]

IMM Sound – It’s Immersive (Barcelona based technology company)

IMM Sound – It’s Immersive This is an article about 3D sound in the cinema. Before we start let me ask you some questions.   When I went skiing last season I had to get kitted out with loads of new things. What did I buy? I bought a new computer last week and tomorrow […]

How revolutionary were you in 2011? An Interactive Quiz

How revolutionary were you in 2011?   In this exercise we “find out” how revolutionary who were in 2011. For Upper Intermediate students:  Interactive quiz:  Whether it was the thousands in Tahrir Square demanding the removal of President Mubarak or the crowds rioting London’s streets, many of the key stories of 2011 had an undercurrent of […]

Nancy Sinatra – Bang Bang (Past Simple Regular & Irregular practise)

bang bang nancy sinatra english lesson

Nancy Sinatra – Bang Bang (A class with the famous song by Nancy Sinatra to practice verbs in the Past Simple) Who was Nancy Sinatra? Can you name any of her songs? What relationship is she to Frank Sinatra   Ex 1: While listening to the song put the verbs in brackets into the past […]

YouTube: 100 online TV channels

Conversational English Class – Upper Intermediate + Vocab: technology, general, phrasal verbs. Text only. Source: The Guardian (news – technology – youtube) Intro: What are some of the biggest changes to the TV industry in recent years? Read the sub headline and discuss your immediate impression about the business strategy.   YouTube to launch 100 […]


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