Texting and text messages


In how many ways can you / do you send messages?
How often do you text?
How much money do you spend each month texting?
How much time per day?
With whom do you text generally?
What do you like about it?
What do you dislike about it?
Did you ever laugh out loud at a text in a public space?

Are there places where you do not send texts?
Are there places where it is taboo to text?
Are there any places where it is forbidden?
Are there any places where it could be dangerous?

Video: Texting While Walking by Casey Neistat

Do you ever text while walking?
What does OMG mean?
What is etiquette?
What is social stigma?

1. Watch the video and identify the Steps.

What is a blind spot?
Where in your car is the blind spot?
What incidents can happen when texting?
What is a blindfold? and why might you wear one?

What does yield mean?
What does ill-mannered mean?

2. What are the different answers to the question
“Do you think it’s dangerous to walk and text at the same time?”

Guy with blue hat: _______________
Girl with blue coat: ________________
Guy with orange jacket: ________________
Guy with red hat: ___________________
The couple: ________________

3. According to the video what is the “proper technique” for texting?

4. Which text abbreviations (shorthand) do you know in English?

10Q =
121 =
2B r not 2B =
2moro =
2nite =
?4U =
2EZ =
lol =
ppl =
GR8 =
L8R =
WTF? =


laugh out loud, taboo, forbidden, etiquette, a social stigma, the blind spot, incident, blindfold, yield, ill-mannered, shorthand

Please use the vocab above in the sentences below:

1. There are many _________ _________ the worst of which is drug addiction.
2. It is absolutely ____________ to smoke on airplanes.
3. When you arrive at a roundabout you always must _________ to moving traffic.
4. In the 1900’s society it was ________ to get divorced.
5. When is the ________ ________ in your car?
6. It is good ____________ for a man to open the door for a lady.
7. During a PiƱata you have to wear a ____________ and try to hit the paper doll.
8. We have a very ________________ bus driver today, he wasn’t very helpful.
9. Secretarys’ used to know __________ to help with dictation.
10. I had to _______________ when I saw his text.

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