The Club Sandwich

The Club Sandwich with Average Betty


What is a club sandwich?

What are the ingredients?

Is it the third piece of bread that makes a club sandwich a club sandwich?


1. Vocab

Gambling hall or club, the birthplace, the potato chip, toasted bread, to sneak in (past – snuck in ), double decker, single decker, a mean club sandwich, a smear of mayo, toothpicks to hold it all together, to slice,

2. Practice saying the words and phrases out loud.

3. Now please watch the video with average betty.

4. Can you answer the following questions?

a). What date does this sandwich have?

b). What else from the same club?

c). What are the ingredients for the original club sandwich?

d). What replaced the chicken?

e). What ingredients does she use in her sandwich?

f). What does she “wanna know” about you?

g).  What phrases does she say to “sign off” or to say goodbye?.


5. Please us the words from section 1 in following sentences.

a). In London there are red _________________ buses, its very typical.

b). The Americans use the word _________ to mean good, the British use the word _______ to mean average. The word ________ also means “tight with money”

c). Where is the _____________ of football?

d). After a barbeque I need a ____________ to remove small pieces of food.

e). Sometimes I go to the casino and ___________ but I always lose !


6. Discussion:

How often do you eat sandwiches?

What´s your favourite sandwich? What ingredients do you use?

Have you ever tasted or tried American sandwiches?

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