The history of cryptocurrency in 10 minutes

english for cryptocurrency

Part 1

Let’s start by looking at some of the more important vocabularies

double-spending = spending the same piece of digital currency in multiple places 

What is a block in the real world and a block in the crypto world?

What types of things are decentralized

If his story doesn’t “hold up“, what does it mean? 

Name 2 things that you can “find out“? 

Describe a tangible asset that you own?

Describe an intangible asset that you own?

Can you use the phrasal verb “to go on” in the past, present, and future?

If the government seizes your bank account, what’s happening?

What does Turing complete mean?

What is alt in altcoin an abbreviate for?

Describe a specific use case for Ethereum?

Use “to come out” in 2 different ways

What is hype

What is hyper?

What’s the difference between to emerge and to come out?

What does it mean to have your money “tied up” in investments?

What’s the difference between a bull market and a bear market?

What happens if there is a shift in perspective?

Part 2

Watch the video with the English subtitles

Part 3

Comprehensions questions:

Why did some of the early digital coins fail?

What is the problem of double-spending? 

When was the Bitcoin white paper released? 

What was the genesis block?

Who was using Bitcoin in 2009? 

How much did the 2 pizzas cost in Bitcoin? 

What was the Mount GOx Bitcoin exchange and what did it do?

What was Silk Road?

How did Buterin elevate the blockchain?

Why did Ethereum perform a hard fork?

What is an ICO and what does it do?

In 2020, what is defi focusing on?


How was the creation of Bitcoin inspired by the financial crisis? 

Who do you think Nakamoto is?

Why doesn’t it matter who Nakamoto is? 

Why is Laszlo Hanok a hero? 

Why are governments and regulators hostile to crypto and is that relationship changing?

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