The quiet power of introverts

Level: B1/B2

Type of English: general

Lesson activities: listening comprehension, vocabulary building, speaking practice. 

Grammar focus: personal adjectives

Tags: types of people, behavior

Are you an introvert? If so, that’s great! Animator Sofja Umarik (who is an introvert) looks at how it can be a real strength.

During the 1-hour class your teacher will take notes of your mistakes and make corrections.

These will be emailed to you after the lesson.

It is a good idea to revise the same vocabulary at the start of the next lesson.

Opening Questions:

Are you an introvert or an extrovert? Why do you think so?

Can you summarise the main differences between the two?

Do you like to have solitary time?  

Do you agree that we live in a society where “everyone has something to say but nobody listens”?

Do you agree that introverts are shy or antisocial?

Do you prefer to a lot of friends or just a few friends?

New Vocabulary Questions:

What is a flaw?

What is a good context for the word mistaken?

What does it mean to be left out? ( from a party )

What does it mean if someone blends into the background?

What do you do to recharge?

How can kids get overstimulated?

If an experience is described as a slow burn, what is happening?

If an earthquake barely registers, what happened?

What sort of thing can be visualized on a sliding scale?

If I lean more to the left of politics in France, what newspaper would I read?

What sort of things settle down?

How often do you reflect on your thoughts?

In a noisy atmosphere, what is a bubble of peace?

Name 2 things that you adore?

Watch the Video:

Task: Try to remember or write down the strategies she uses for a noisy world. 

Listening Comprehension Questions:

What effects do dopamine and acetylcholine have?

What is an ambivert?

What are some characteristics of introverts?

What does she say about introversion and society?


Does the world reward extroverts?

What’s the difference between introverts and extroverts at parties?

Discuss the quote from Gandhi: “in a gentle way, you can shake the world”


New Vocabulary Practice:

What is the biggest flaw with the transport system?

Can you remember the last time you were mistaken?

When were you last left out of an event? 

Can you think of a situation or event when it is best to blend into the background?

Name 2 things you can recharge?

What activity can overstimulate you?

Does climate change register as much with the older generation as with the younger generation?

Name one thing you can put on a sliding scale?

What does it mean to lean into something?

Name 2 things that can be settled?

Do you spend time reflecting? 

Name 2 things that you adore?


A flaw = a mistake, an imperfection, a weakness 

Flawless = perfect 

mistaken = to make a mistake, to misunderstand 

to be left out = to be not invited / not included 

blend into the background = when someone is not seen or noticed 

to recharge = to get energy back 

over-stimulated = to become hyper / manic 

a slow-burn = at a steady pace, gradual, not too intense 

barely registers = when you don’t perceive/pay attention 

a sliding scale = information on a graph that show both sides / to show the distribution 

to lean = to tend towards something 

settle down = from high energy to a stable energy level 

reflect = to think about / to process 

a bubble of peace = a individual place or time for peace 

adore = really like or love 

Misconception = an incorrect belief 

To lean into = to get more involved 

To settle = to find agreement / to find balance or stability ( settle an argument )


Strategies for the noisy world

1. Use music to create peace 

2. Escaping to a quiet park at lunchtime



Comment on the YouTube comments:


2 years ago (edited)

An introvert will never ask extroverts to be introvert, but an extrovert will ALWAYS ask introverts to be extrovert.


Aaditya Phatak

1 year ago

My experience as an introvert is that we are shy and quiet in front of those we aren’t comfortable with

But with close family members or if the topic of discussion is of my interest I can be more talkative than an extrovert 

But proud of being introvert


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