Time & time idioms


What time is it?
How many devices do you have that tell the time?

What do you think the term  o’clock means?

(As has been noted, “o’clock” is short for “of the clock”)

The Sutton Clock Shop


The Sutton Clock Shop on New York’s Upper East Side has been serving its customers for over 60 years and is truly a father-son business. Perched above the streets and filled to the brim with clocks of every shape and size, it’s a place where time continues to pass, and yet, simultaneously stands still.

Vocab, Verbs & Sounds

Ticking (tick tock, tick tock)





filled to the brim


Listening Comprehension


  1. How does Sebastian describe the ticking of a clock?
  2. When did the shop open?
  3. What was their goal?
  4. How did he learn his skills?

Q: In the middle he describes the lives of the clocks in the shops. Try to “cherry pick” some words or phrases about this.

Q: What does he say about “We can’t stop time?”.


In the video there is a sign on the wall which says

“ Time has it’s own time”.

What do you think this means?

Discuss the following idioms and match them to them definitions:

ahead of one’s time

ahead of time

all in good time

at a set time

at all times

behind the times

from time to time

have the time of one’s life

make time for something or someone

out of time

pressed for time

Time is money

Definition: before the agreed upon time

I think we’ll get there ahead of time.
Wow, we’re ahead of time today. Let’s keep it up!

Definition: be more talented than others recognize

He’s ahead of his time. No one knows how important his discoveries are.
 She’s always felt that she was ahead of her time, so she isn’t disappointed.

Definition: within a reasonable amount of time

I’ll get to you all in good time. Please be patient.
Her professor kept on saying that she’d be successful, but that it would be all in good time.

Definition: at an agreed upon time

We’ll meet at the set time.
Let’s make sure that we meet at a set time.

Definition: always

Make sure to keep your seat belts on at all times.
Students need to pay attention at all times.

Definition: not fashionable, not up on current fashions

My Dad is so behind the times!
She dresses like it was the 70s she’s behind the times!

Definition: occasionally

I like playing golf from time to time.
Petra speaks with Tom from time to time.

Definition: have a fantastic experience

My daughter had the time of her life in Disneyland.
Believe me. You’re going to have the time of your life.

Definition: create a period of time especially for a thing or person

I need to make some extra time for reading.
I’ll make time for you on Saturday.

Definition: not have any more time available

I’m afraid we’re out of time for today.
You’re out of time for that competition.

Definition: not have a lot of time to do something

I’m pressed for time today. Hurry up!
She couldn’t see me because she was pressed for time.

Definition: Expression meaning that someone’s time is important

Remember that time is money, let’s hurry up.
Time is money Tim. If you want to talk, it’s going to cost you.

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