Trump’s Indictment

trump indictment

Level: B2/C1/ C2

Type of English: general, legal, business

Lesson activities: listening comprehension, vocabulary building, speaking practice. 

Grammar focus: 

Tags: trump, legal cases, political

His critics accuse him of insurrection, and his defenders say it is persecution. One thing is for sure, it’s never boring when Trump is involved. 

During the 1-hour class your teacher will take notes of your mistakes and make corrections.

These will be emailed to you after the lesson.

It is a good idea to revise the same vocabulary at the start of the next lesson.

Opening Questions:

What is your opinion of Donald Trump?

In your opinion, what do the French people generally think about him?

What do you know about the legal problems he has had?

What happened on January 6th, 2021?

Legal Vocabulary Questions:

Complete the vocabulary with the missing vowels (a, e, i, o, u).

  1. _ nd _ ctm _ nt (n): an official statement which says someone has committed a crime

  2. _rr _ _ gnm _ nt (n): the act of bringing someone to a courtroom to officially say they have committed a crime

  3. _v _ rt _ rn (v): decide that a legal decision is not valid and no longer legally recognized

  4. f _ l _ ny (n): the act of committing a serious crime

  5. _ fr _ _ d (v): get some money from a person or organisation by lying or tricking them

  6. _ bstr _ ct (v): make progress impossible or a lot more difficult

  7. _ cq _ _ t (v): officially decide in a court that someone is not guilty of a crime they have been accused of

  8. p _ rs _ c _ t _ _ n (n): the act of treating someone cruelly and unfairly based on their race, religion, or political beliefs


Using the vocabulary above (acquitted, indictment, overturned, defrauded, obstructed, persecution, felony, arraignment) fill in the blanks below

They attempted to escape through the exit at the back of the building, but the police …………………… their path.

In a shocking turn of events, Jason Lee was ……………… of all counts of murder today with police saying their search for the killer will continue.

Trump’s supporters view his indictments as ………………….. rather than an attempt to seek justice.

Despite insisting they were entirely innocent, the court issued an ……………….. against them containing five charges.

You can’t escape the fact that you’re guilty of a very serious …………………. and you’ll either need to go to the police, or spend your life on the run.

Lawyers representing the politician are attempting to get his convictions for dangerous driving …………………., arguing that he was only a danger to himself.

At the …………………., she stood up and shouted that she would prove her innocence, before being led out of the room by police.

He was found to have …………………… seven other elderly people by pretending to be collecting money for the local church.

New Vocabulary Questions:

If an election is rigged by a dictator, what happens?

There are currently 14 people on the Republican Primary slate. Is a slate an advisory board or a list of candidates?

Who is the front-runner for the next French general election?

If I say “hush” to a child, what would I like the child to do?

What does hush money do?

What is impeachment and does it exist in France?

In court, under oath, if I am certifying a fact, what am I doing?

Watch the Video:

Task: Try to remember the 3 principles of the concept

Listening Comprehension Questions:

How did Trump plead?

Can you describe the allegations against Trump?

What does special counsel Jack Smith do?

What is a sentence in legal terms?

What is the maximum sentence?

What were some of his previous federal charges?

Previously, while Trump was president, why was he impeached?

What did Trump say about the city of Washington


Do you think all these court cases will make him more popular?

If he is convicted and sent to jail, could be continue to run for president?

What do you think about the state of the American election system?

Is it time for new political leadership?

Are you aware of any other political candidates?(other than Trump and Biden)

Do you think Biden should run again?

New Vocabulary Practice:

Below are some definitions for the new vocabulary section. What is the word for each?

  1. an amount paid to someone to stop them from spreading information that could be embarrassing or damaging to the image or reputation of someone else

  2. the person in an election who looks the most likely to win

  3. officially state that something is true

  4. the act of charging a person holding an important political office with a crime

  5. set up a situation such as a game or an election to get the result you want in a dishonest way

  6. a list of candidates who are running for political office


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