Using Podcasts & Twitter (for vocab and listening)

Using English Podcasts:

(Intermediate level listening skills and vocab building)

A good way to start using podcasts is through Twitter.

For example, find the user @eslpod and browse through its tweets. There you can find a large selection of podcast lessons which include scripts for new vocab.

They speak slow and clear and it is an excellent resource for English learners. These podcasts are excellent for listening in the car or going anywhere with your mp3 player.



(I have included the text from the podcast below to demonstrate the kind of language used)



ESL Podcast 729 – Being Blunt and Stubborn

Simone: So, what did you think of Bruce? Isn’t he great?

Dirk: Well, he’s certainly direct and forthright with his opinions. I don’t think I’ve ever met anyone who speaks his mind the way he does.

Simone: Yeah, isn’t that great? I’ve never liked a guy who straddles the fence or has namby-pamby opinions. I’ve always liked guys with strong opinions.

Dirk: Well, there’s strong and there’s pigheadedness. Don’t you think?

Simone: What?! You think Bruce is pigheaded, just because he doesn’t budge when other people try to sway him? I think that’s an admirable trait.

Dirk: I think being blunt can be admirable under the right circumstances, but being stubborn as a mule can make it hard on other people, don’t you think?

Simone: No, I don’t. Other people can pull their punches if they want to, but a man who’ll speak up about what he believes in and stand by it is a real man to me.

Dirk: I can see why you two make a perfect couple. I hope never to be on the wrong side of an argument with either one of you.

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