What is Helium (HNT)?

what is Helium HNT?
  1. Before watching Part 1 of the video discuss the vocabulary below with your teacher. 
  2. Watch the video with the English subtitles. Pay attention to how the new vocabulary is used. Pause the video when you need to. 
  3. Try to answer the comprehension questions. Rewatch the video until you are happy with your answers. 

Note:discuss” means that you should understand the quote or statement and be ready to share your opinion about it. Do you agree/ disagree/ expand on the idea? 

Part 1

Let’s start by looking at some of the more important vocabularies:

What does IoT mean?

Can you explain what IoT is?

Do you have any IoT devices in your house? 

Can you describe a tricky situation? 

If the cost of something is prohibitive, what effect does it have? 

Is your cellular data plan expensive?

What does it mean to say “that’s where Helium comes in”

What is the main advantage of a product that is “off-the-shelf”

What do internet hotspots do? 

What is the approximate range of Bluetooth?

Have you ever heard of Long-Fi

If something new is “paving the way“, what is it doing?

If a new idea “flips the traditional model on its head”, what happened?

Name 1 thing that you are incentivized to do?

Name 1 thing that you can deploy

Can you name something affordable and ubiquitous

By how much is a magnitude

In the crypto world we have proof of stake & proof of work, but what is proof of coverage

In cryptocurrency, what is burning tokens? 

Part 2

Watch the video with English subtitles 

Part 3

Comprehension Questions:

How many billions of things will be wirelessly connected to the internet in the next 5 years? 

What are currently the main problems with IoT? 

What’s the best thing about Helium tech? 

Why do they use the hashtag #ThePeoplesNetwork ? 

How can you build the network?

How does mining HNT work?

What are the 2 sides of the Helium market?

Complete the sentence:

Hotspot owners are incentivized to deploy a global wireless network, the people’s network, and provide ………………….. in exchange for earning HNT. 

What are some examples of IoT devices? 

What are some benefits of long-range IoT devices? 

What 2 units of exchange does the People’s Network use?

How would you describe POC ( proof of coverage)? 

What does the consensus algorithm proof of coverage do? 

How are data credits made?

What does it mean to burn tokens ( or HNT)? 

Why do we need a burn and mint equilibrium? 

Part 4

Let’s try and use the new vocabulary in different ways

Can you use tricky to describe a work task? 

Describe something that is prohibitive for travel in 2022?

How often do you change your cellular data plan?

What was the last off-the-shelf product you bought? 

Can you use your phone as a  hotspot

Use range in 2 different ways?

Can you think of any other Long-Fi tech? 

Use “paving the way“, in a sentence. 

What new tech has “flipped the traditional model on its head”?

Name 1 thing that you are incentivized to do?

Name 1 thing that you can deploy

Name something very affordable in Seville.

Name something very ubiquitous in Seville.  

Name 3 things you can burn?  

Part 5


Are you interested in joining the People’s Network?

Do you use 5G? 

Do we need 5G? 

What devices would you like to see connected to the IoT? 

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