What is the Digital $ Dollar?

what is the digital dollar

Part 1

  1. Before watching Part 1 of the video discuss the vocabulary below with your teacher. 
  2. Watch the video with the English subtitles. Pay attention to how the new vocabulary is used. Pause the video when you need to. 
  3. Try to answer the comprehension questions. Rewatch the video until you are happy with your answers. 

Note:discuss” means that you should understand the quote or statement and be ready to share your opinion about it. Do you agree/ disagree/ expand on the idea? 

Let’s start by looking at some of the more important vocabularies starting at minute 1:30 to minute 17:30

Who is the imposter in the game Among Us? 

What does it mean to build something from the ground up?

Can you name a dystopian-themed film?  

What is the world’s reserve currency

What is an example of a corporate CBDC? 

If I sidestep a problem what am I doing? 

If I point out something in a report, what does it mean? 

If something in an article sticks out, what should you do with it? 

What is the past tense of stick?

If a new project finally sees the light of day, what happened? 

What is a stable coin?  

If you are watching and the music is used to foreshadow something, what is going to happen?

What is daylight robbery

What are bank runs

What does a remedy do?

If I dump all my investment what am I doing?  

Part 2

Watch the video with English subtitles 


Part 3

Comprehension Questions:


Do you agree that CBDC’s are completely different from cryptocurrencies? 

What does centralized, permissioned, private, and closed source describe?

Can CBDC’s be used for block actions, freeze accounts, alter account balances and limit account holdings? 

Did you know that the Bahamas and Nigeria released a CBDC? 

How can countries use CBDC’s to protect their currency from the dollar? 

What started the pressure on the Fed to develop a digital dollar?

What do you think of the sentence “a CBDC is a digital liability of a central bank that is widely available to the general public”

What’s the difference between retail and wholesale CBDC’s? 

What is a synthetic CBDC? 

What did the report identify as the main drawbacks of cryptocurrency? 

What are some risks with stablecoins? 

According to the report, what are the main benefits of the digital dollar? 

According to the report, what are the main risks of the digital dollar? 

What are entry points for a CBDC? 

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