What is Web 3.0?

what is web 3.0

Part 1: Introduction Questions

Before watching the video…

What do you think are the main differences between Web 1.0 and Web 2.0? 

How do you think the blockchain will change our information systems? 

Part 2: New Vocabulary

To help with your listening comprehension, let’s study some of the more difficult vocabulary from the video. 

Starting from minute 1.08 

What is a static page?

What does hyperlinked mean?

What is interactivity?

What is to drop off your kids at school? 

When can you use the expression “to feel all warm and fuzzy“? 

What is a torrent network?

What does DAO mean? 

What does it mean to shut down a conversation?

What does trace someone on the internet mean? 

What does to wrap up a meeting mean? 

What do grants do? 

Part 3: Watch the video

If the video is too fast or the accent is difficult, please use the subtitles by clicking on 

Part 4: Comprehension questions

What is a good definition of Web 1.0?

What years for web 1.0?

What is a good definition of Web 2.0?

What years for web 2.0?

What is a good definition of Web 3.0?

Has web 3.0 already begun?

What is a read-only page?

What did web 2.0 do for the internet?

What does web 2.0 do with data (mostly)? 

What’s the difference between social media feeds and the ads in those feeds? 

What is the principal difference between web 2.0 and 3.0?

What is Odyssey? 

What are library tokens?

What is one problem with a network like Odyssey?

In a DAO who gets to make the decisions?

What does web 3.0 mean for censorship? 

What does web 3.0 mean for identity? 

Do you agree that DAO’s will replace online centralised companies?

What is the web3 foundation? 

Part 5: Practice new vocabulary




drop off 

 “to feel all warm and fuzzy” 



shut down 


to wrap up 


Part 6: Discussion

How will Web 3.0 will effect your life?


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