Skype Class – BBC 6 minute English – 2012



Skype classes are designed to help with listening comprehension and conversation skills. They will include different and diverse subjects for expansion of vocabulary.


Today’s subject is …… Hopes for 2012 




Please prepare the vocabulary and listen to the news report…

Some words need to be changed into the correct tense.




to look forward to something


to get hitched

to miss your chance

to brush up

to be sick of something


Please use the words above in the sentences below….

  1. I have my driving test next week and I really need _______________ on my theory questions.
  2. I am absolutely _________ of my boss, he won’t leave me alone!
  3. American Airlines were offering a special price to fly to NY but I forgot to book and ________________ .
  4. We got engaged last year and now in 2012 we are thinking about _______  _______ .
  5. I always _____________ _____________ _______ the weekend.
  6. It could be said that the banks are ___________ on the government and the taxpayer to support them.



Questions from the program:

  1. When was the last time that London hosted the Olympics?
  2. What is the first speaker most looking forward to?
  3. What is the second speaker looking forward to?
  4. What is the third speaker looking forward to?
  5. Where does Santa Claus live?



Questions from your experience:

  1. Do you like watching the Olympics?
  2. Is there a particular sport that you like to watch?
  3. What are you looking forward to in 2012?
  4. Do you have any big events in 2012?
  5. When was the last time you missed your chance with something?


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