Business Email Exercise

Below are 2 examples of business emails send to a student in the media sector.

The email is designed specifically to your industry or sector and appropriate to your English level. 

1. The student must read and understand the email.

2. Read the attached article from an online media.

3. Respond in the standard business email format.

4. Corrections are made by the teacher and sent back to the student.

5. Mistakes and corrections are discussed in the face to face class.


Example 1. 

Dear Mr. Manager

Within all the testimonials and tributes to Steve Jobs I found this interesting article. Job is quoted as saying finally cracked it” in regards to Apple TV and this has led to rumours for a new Apple product in 2012.


I found this article interesting but would like to know your opinion?

If we have iPads, iPhones and laptops, do we really need a TV?

Do you know anyone who has seen this technology?

Would you like to be able to talk to your TV?

Looking forward to hearing from you,




Example No.2

Dear Mr. Manager,

Forever in the pursuit of the latest news and technology in the broadcasting sector comes the news that the biggest of the biggest will enter the market.


What do you think about this news?

Also, please send me your opinion on the quotation from Google  “the ad-supported businessmodel doesn’t always meet their distribution and monetization needs,”.

Is this the beginning of Google testing the rental and movie industry?

Have a great Monday,


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