The US Federal Reserve, CBDC’s & Cryptocurrency

Part 1

  1. Before watching Part 1 of the video discuss the vocabulary below with your teacher. 
  2. Watch the video with the English subtitles. Pay attention to how the new vocabulary is used. Pause the video when you need to. 
  3. Try to answer the comprehension questions. Rewatch the video until you are happy with your answers. 

Note:discuss” means that you should understand the quote or statement and be ready to share your opinion about it. Do you agree/ disagree/ expand on the idea? 

Let’s start by looking at some of the more important vocabularies starting at minute 1:41 to minute 15

What does the board do in a company? 

What is a run on the bank

Is a mandate a set of operating parameters or a social event with a male friend?

Another way to describe government bonds is government ………..? 

Are you currently incentivized to invest in cryptocurrency?

Describe a situation in your life when you have to perform a balancing act?

When was the last time you were between a rock and a hard place?

How much time is a fling?

Do you think bipartisanship is a positive thing? 

Is it an advantage to have friends on both sides of the aisle?

What sort of things can cloud your judgment?

What is ire? How do you pronounce ire?

If I insinuate that someone is corrupt, what am I doing?

When markets rally what is happening?

If a politician doubles down on a controversial statement, what is he doing?

Why do English speakers say “pardon my French“?

Have you ever been scared shitless?

What can a loophole in law achieve?

What does scale back mean?

If I describe someone as hawkish, what am I suggesting about that person?

What does dovish suggest?

Should insider trading be illegal for all active politicians?

What is the supply chain?

If you opt-out of going to the part what are you doing?

What does it mean if a politician doesn’t have much wiggle room?

What is an ETF?

Does taper mean to reduce or increase stimulus?

Part 2

Watch the video with English subtitles 

Part 3

Comprehension Questions:

Who nominates the 7 members of the Federal Reserve’s board? 

What is the Fed’s primary purpose?

How does the Fed typically raise interest rates?

What’s the risk with keeping interest rates low?

Who is Jerome Powell?  

What does the department of the treasury do? 

What was Powell’s warning about the Fed’s relentless spending?

What should happen to inflation by the end of the year?

Part 4

Practice new vocabulary


Who could you describe as hawkish and dovish?

Part 5


How independent do you think the Fed actually is?

Let’s talk about how the blockchain can revolutionize the supply chain?

Do you agree that Powell is the most powerful person in the world?

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