What is the Metaverse? Part 2

Part 4

Continuing from minute 11 

What makes a blockchain metaverse so fundamentally different from those more traditional environments found in games such as the SIMS and Runescape?. 

If I diverge from the path/road will I get lost?

Is the word engaged overused in English?

dao = decentralized autonomous organization

what does a road map do? 

What is the root and what does it do?

What is subsistence?

What are dark clouds indicative of?

What do you think a virtual land-based metaverse is?

Do you know what OpenSea is?

I can derive rent from renting my property to someone. What’s another word for derive?

a suite of options is a fancy way of saying …………? 

Name 2 things you can monetize?

Can you use the word hotspot in 2 ways?

Would you prefer a loft overlooking the beach or a penthouse right in the heart of the city?

inevitability = the quality of being certain to happen 

Name something that you believe is inevitable? (pronunciation) 


Part 5

Watch the video with the English subtitles 

Part 6

Comprehension questions

In your own words describe:

3 Key Features of the Blockchain Build Metaverse

  1. Decentralization
  2. User Governance 
  3. Real-World Value

What do you think equitable engagement opportunities are? 


“In gaming, ownership of the metaverse space is shared equally across its user base”

How does he describe the governance in the Decentraland game? 

What’s the difference between the existing gaming industry and the potential new environments established on a blockchain? 

Real-World Value

Describe the following games

Axie Infinity

The Sandbox


What is so different about Axie Infinity? 


Axie Infinity

“These metrics are indicative of the real-world economic utility and the intrinsic value of gaming NFT’s as financial assets that can be generated on the blockchain through gameplay and sold on the market in exchange for real money”

“Games like Axi Infinity show why Tech Titans are progressively gravitating towards the concept of the metaverse as they essentially offer anyone the possibility to change not just how they work, earn and spend but also the fundamental ways in which they live, plan, and run their lives. 

The Sandbox 

“every in-game item used and created by players is an NFT”

“lands are pieces of digital real-estate within the Sandbox metaverse that players can buy to build experiences on top of”

“Each land is classified and stored on-chain that lives on the Ethereum blockchain which makes lands tradable and fully customizable”

What is the current price for a plot of land in Sandbox?

What are some examples of events you can host of your land?

What’s the difference between active and passive value?


“a social virtual world and platform with powerful creation tools and infrastructure to easily create, share, experience, and monetize creation”

“Netvrk’s primary goal is to allow users to leverage NFT’s and in-game land tokens to generate passive revenue via leasing their property or by selling their NFT’s thus creating an entirely metaverse centric economy”


Where do you think the metaverse space is heading?

Are you thinking about getting a plot of land?

Which of the 3 examples above do you prefer?

What do you think about the prices for all these virtual items? 

Are the prices elitist and exclusionary? 

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