About A Boy – Reading & Video Class

 About A Boy


Have you seen the movie or read the book?

Which do you think is better, the film or the book?

Do you know/like the actor Hugh Grant?


Based on Nick Hornby’s best-selling novel, About A Boy is the story of a cynical, immature young man who is taught how to act like a grown-up by a little boy.

1. Please watch the first trailer and tell me what you think about Will?

Meeting Will

Do you know anyone like Will?

What are some of his characteristics?


2. Please watch the trailer and tell me what you think about Marcus:

Meeting Marcus

Do you know a anyone like Marcus?

What are some of his characteristics?


3. Please download and read Chapter 1 from the PDF of the book and compare it to Part 1 of the film.

Link to Part 1: (Film)

Download The Book  About A Boy PDF



What differences can you notice?

Look at the  different grammatical tenses in use and talk about why each one is used.





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