Can I be your friend?

Can I be your friend?

A fun conversation class about using social media


Language level: Intermediate (B1) – Advanced (A1)

Learner type: Teens; Adults

Time: 30 minutes

Activity: Question formation, listening comprehension

Language: practical, everyday, colloquial



How much do you use social medias?

Which social medias do you use?

What is unusual or strange about them?

How many friends do you have? How many followers do you have?

What are some of the activities that you do with social medias?

Have you ever thought how odd your online life is?

Have you ever thought what could go wrong?


In this video the man below talks to random unknown people on the streets of London

1. Read Part 1 of the script (or role play) and discuss any words that you don’t understand.

Script: (Part 1) 

Dude: Hi guys, can I be your friend?

Dude: Can I write on your wall?

Dude: Will you be my friend?


Dude: I write on all my friends walls !

Girl:    I’d have to know you before I was your friend

Dude: All my friends have got 180 friends, I’ve only got 2.

Dude: Would it help if you maybe, looked at my photos?



What do you think is happening? Is he weird?


2. Read Part 2 of the script (or role play) and discuss any words that you don’t understand.

Script: (Part 2)

Dude: That one is with two pretty girls, you know that’s my X, I was in a relationship, but now I’ve changed my status.


Dude: What’s your relationship status? (ahh.. single)

Dude: Cool ! I like that !

Dude: I like your jacket !

Dude: I like your sunglasses !

Dude: Do you like that? Do you want to comment on it?

Dude: I like your Ray-Bans !

Dude: Could I poke you?

Dude: Poke ! Poke !


Dude: Can I poke you? Yeah, you can poke me if you want!

Dude: No no dude, seriously, just be my friend !

Dude: If I just show you these photos in this picture album.


Dude: What’s your name on Twitter?

Dude: So you use Twitter?

Dude: Well, I’m gonna follow you

Girl:    Right, ok

Dude: Thanks a lot, nice one ! yeah yeah yeah, wicked ! wicked !


Girl:   Oh, you’re actually following me !

Dude: I’m following you !


What’s happening now?


3. Now please watch the video and try to follow the script.



What is the video actually for?

What conclusions can you make from this video?








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