About Multimedia English

Multimedia English uses a wide variety of engaging multi media material. My philosophy combines traditional grammatical textbook materials with high tech medias for coaching fast moving professionals.

My strategy uses all modern technologies to deliver English to you everyday. The best way to learn is a little today, tomorrow and everyday. With multimedia English you can do 5 minutes, 10 minutes, 1 hour or whatever amount of time you have to practice. We provide the materials. We choose content that is modern and interesting.

I use smart phones, tablets,  iPads, video, internet, Skype, Twitter and Facebook to make learning English fun, effective, flexible and adaptable to you.

I specialise in business English & In Company English and professional one to one classes.

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TED Talk example

Multimedia Class example

Conversation Class example

Multimedia English also provide 10 week English courses that focus on specific topics like technology, the internet, cinema and film. The courses study the everyday practical language and vocabulary you hear on Television and film and in the media.

The courses are intuitive, practical, original and enjoyable.

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