Sight – A Short Film and Conversation Lesson about modern Technology

Sight is a short film about augmented reality so in honour of such a great topic Multimedia English created a conversation lesson about modern technology.


Discuss these general questions with your teacher

Sight Intro Questions:

What’s your favourite gadget?

How many apps do you have on your phone?

What’s your favourite one?

Are apps really useful?

Do smart phones really make our lives easier?
If you could invent a gadget what would it be?
Gaming – do you have an Xbox or Playstation? Do you like it?

Vocabulary in the film

If you were to visit NY where would you go sightseeing?

What’s your favourite beverage?

How often does your computer or a program crash?

If someone says “you really get me” what does it mean?

In regards to drinking alcohol, what is a nightcap?

When was the last time you made “a toast“?

What is a junkie? What is a creep?

Please watch the film and try to listen for the new vocabulary. 

Comprehension Questions:

What’s the name of the dating program he uses?
Can you tell me one of the girl’s interests? (activity/hobby/passtime) How does he select from the menu and pay?
How did she discover his secret?
Do you think she is real?

General : Please try to use the new vocabulary in your answers

What is Sight?
What is augmented reality?
Would you like to have Sight?
What would you use Sight for?
Do you think it could help you pick which cloths to wear?

General Discussion: 

Would you like to do another conversation lesson about modern technology?

Are we integrating with computers more and more every year?
How far do you think we should integrate?
Can you think of any practical ways which you could use augmented reality? How might a technology like this be misused?
Is it a clever substitute for TV?

Exercise: Create sentences / example / new context for the following words and phrases:

sightseeing beverage crash

get me

a nightcap

a toast

a junkie

a creep

Phrasal Verb exercise using the verb “get”

We already used the phrasal verb “get me”. Now change the preposition and try to use them in new contents.

For example: “Try to put “get it” into a sentence. Do you get it?

Get can be used with many prepositions, up, down, in, out, off, on, into,

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