What is the Metaverse? Part 1

what is the metaverse?

Part 1

  1. Before watching Part 1 of the video discuss the vocabulary below with your teacher. 
  2. Watch the video with the English subtitles. Pay attention to how the new vocabulary is used. Pause the video when you need to. 
  3. Try to answer the comprehension questions. Rewatch the video until you are happy with your answers. 

Note:discuss” means that you should understand the quote or statement and be ready to share your opinion about it. Do you agree/ disagree/ expand on the idea? 

Let’s start by looking at some of the more important vocabularies starting at minute 1:35 to minute 11. 

Why does his t-shirt say “Ho Ho Hodl“? 

akin is another word for ………? 

To aspire is to ………….? 

If you shovel snow what are you doing?

whence is an old-fashioned word for ……….?

Name something you are a fan of?

To pertain is to …………….? 

If something shoots up what is it doing?

How much is a plethora?

If you boil something down what will you get?

If a report is all-encompassing what is it doing?

to fathom is to …………..? 

What does it mean to go the extra mile

Can you name a dystopian film?

What’s the difference between a goggle and a google?

If a film is described as a great watch, is it good?

If something is unprecedented has it happened before?

If something I say “rings a bell” what does it do?

Is it a good idea to have rash conclusions?

What does a pioneer do?

What is a visual inkling?

to reign supreme is to ……….? 

If I fuse two pieces together what am I doing?

If I use leverage in my job what am I trying to do?

What is a manic digital art frenzy

If you are caught up in a spider’s web, what happens next?

Can you name a game or a TV series that uses the world realm?

what is a plot of land in the real estate industry?

analogous = comparable 

What do you think it means to grow hand in hand

a paradigm = a typical example 

If you have cutting-edge tech, what have you got?

If you are ushered in from the entrance to your seat, what happened?

If something is inherent where did it come from?

Part 2

Watch the video with English subtitles 

Part 3

Comprehension Questions:


“The metaverse will feel like a hybrid of today’s online social experiences, sometimes expanding into 3 dimensions or projected into the physical world. It will let you share immersive experiences with other people, even when you can’t be together – and do things together that you couldn’t do in the physical world”

What happened to some NFT’s and VR-related coins when Facebook rebranded to Meta? 

When can you use the expression “Christmas came early”? 


From the WSJ:

“The metaverse is loosely defined as an extensive online world where people interact via online avatars. Companies like Meta Platforms Inc, formally known as Facebook Inc, have touted plans to develop metaverse experiences, services, and hardware” 

Where did the term metaverse first appear?

Did you like the film Ready Player One? 

How does the idea inherent in the metaverse go beyond AR and VR tech? 

Do you agree that the metaverse has the potential to become the ultimate experiential equalizer? 

What is a buzz concept? 

How does the metaverse relate to crypto?


“some blockchain-based gaming protocols could potentially be considered as the true pioneering forces when it comes to the development of metaverse ecosystems”. 

What are examples of existing examples of online worlds? 

The marriage between the metaverse, gaming, and NFT’s


“an online arena where decentralized finance or defi reigns supreme and as a virtual domain that fuses together cryptocurrencies, blockchain tech, augmented reality, NFT’s, and gaming”

“the architecture inherent in an NFT grants the holder a digital certificate of verifiable ownership over an asset in the virtual realm”

“if we assume that the metaverse is a parallel augmented representation of the real world then it can also be thought of as an extension of it”

“NFT’s allow holders to use and leverage their assets, be it a valuable crypto punk or a bored avatar, a plot of digital real estate, or an in-game item, within the metaverse environment”

“NFT based metaverses that incorporate crypto assets and blockchain assets into their underlying technology can usher in an entirely new economic framework and a cutting-edge financial paradigm within their respective ecosystems” 

the implementation of blockchain, NFT’s, digital assets, virtual reality in the sector (of games), is not only drastically altering who can participate in and enter these environments but also demonstrating the real-world market value of the assets: the interactions and the experiences earned in the digital realms of blockchain games”

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