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Medical Apps for iPad & iPhone (for Doctors)

NY Times – October 15 2011 Those Scan Results Are Just an App Away http://www.nytimes.com/2011/10/16/business/medical-apps-to-assist-with-diagnoses-cleared-by-fda.html?_r=3   EVEN in the vast world of apps, Dr. Patrick J. Gagnon has one with an unusual distinction: it had to be cleared for use by the Food and Drug Administration. Dr. Gagnon, a radiation oncologist, uses the app when […]

Cinema – Man On A Ledge (Trailer)

Culture & Cinema Upper Intermediate Class. American pronunciation, Vocab building, contractions,   Man On A Ledge (Trailer) Discussion: What are trailers for? What is in a typical trailer? Tell me about the music, the edits, the story, the action etc in trailers? This is a Hollywood trailer, what typical things could you expect? 1. Here […]


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