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Cinema, themed dinner parties, etc.

Cinema – Man On A Ledge (Trailer)

Culture & Cinema Upper Intermediate Class. American pronunciation, Vocab building, contractions,   Man On A Ledge (Trailer) Discussion: What are trailers for? What is in a typical trailer? Tell me about the music, the edits, the story, the action etc in trailers? This is a Hollywood trailer, what typical things could you expect? 1. Here […]

Cultural identities served with food

Upper Intermediate + (for teachers & students)Conversation class & practice Cuisine Cultural identities served with food on Vimeo Intro:Is food and cuisine an important part of culture?What does Catalan food say about your culture? Use as many adjectives as possible.Do you enjoy tasting other types of food and therefore other cultures?What is an eatocracy? (It´s […]

TBL: Telephone Conversation

In this exercise the English learner must their English autonomously to practise their English and complete the task. Results can be discussed and corrected in class. Contact Name : Profession: Teacher Number : Call window (time) : Between 17 & 18 hr on Mondays. Theme 1: Registration Form Hello ___________, my name is ________________, a […]


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