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The 5 ways to say “bastante” in English

There are 5 ways to say “BASTANTE / SUFICIENTE” in English Es importante saber las diferencias que hay entre ellas   1.) FAIRLY = Bastante : “Fairly” + Adjetivo o Adverbio Se usa”FAIRLY” con adjetivos mas bien “positivos”y significa que algo o alguien es algo “MAS” que un poco y mucho menos que “MUY”   Ejemplos: […]

Nancy Sinatra – Bang Bang (Past Simple Regular & Irregular practise)

bang bang nancy sinatra english lesson

Nancy Sinatra – Bang Bang (A class with the famous song by Nancy Sinatra to practice verbs in the Past Simple) Who was Nancy Sinatra? Can you name any of her songs? What relationship is she to Frank Sinatra   Ex 1: While listening to the song put the verbs in brackets into the past […]

Exercise – To Do or To Make – That is the question?

To Do or To Make  – That is the question? The two verbs ‘do’ and ‘make’ are often confused. The meanings are similar, but there are differences. ‘Do’ for Activities Use the verb ‘do’ to express daily activities or jobs. Notice that these are usually activities that produce no physical object. Use do for actions, […]


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