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Using chess vocabulary in everyday English

Odysseus’ Gambit on Vimeo – Using chess terms in everyday English Intro Questions:Do you play chess?Do you know the rules? The names of the chess pieces?What is a gambit? In this video the character tells us about his life. A large part of his life is spent playing chess. He uses a lot of chess terms […]

Can I be your friend?

Can I be your friend? A fun conversation class about using social media   Language level: Intermediate (B1) – Advanced (A1) Learner type: Teens; Adults Time: 30 minutes Activity: Question formation, listening comprehension Language: practical, everyday, colloquial   Intro: How much do you use social medias? Which social medias do you use? What is unusual […]

La Costa Brava – Describing Pictures from National Geographic

Intermediate Speaking and Description class: Vocab building: general, historic and nature. Skills: sentence construction and general description creation. Discussion: speaking practice. Duration: 45 minutes Notes to the Teacher: I try to remove myself from the class generally and especially in an exercise like this. I only try to prompt change or necessary corrections and spent […]

Cultural identities served with food

Upper Intermediate + (for teachers & students)Conversation class & practice Cuisine Cultural identities served with food on Vimeo Intro:Is food and cuisine an important part of culture?What does Catalan food say about your culture? Use as many adjectives as possible.Do you enjoy tasting other types of food and therefore other cultures?What is an eatocracy? (It´s […]


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